NewsUkraine's missile stocks for air defense systems are critically low

Ukraine's missile stocks for air defense systems are critically low

Ukrainian forces are launching GRAD missiles towards Russian positions in Donbas.
Ukrainian forces are launching GRAD missiles towards Russian positions in Donbas.
Images source: © Getty Images | 2022 Anadolu Agency

11:43 AM EDT, April 12, 2024

On Thursday, the news outlet Ukrainian Pravda reported that Kyiv had exhausted its missile stocks for the Patriot anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems and the IRIS-T systems. The report references Julian Roepcke, a German newspaper Bild correspondent who highlighted that most other supplies for Ukraine's air defense forces are also "depleted or destroyed."

"As I said weeks ago (and almost no one believed me): Ukraine ran out of Patriot and Iris-T missiles. Also, most other stocks of air defense means are depleted or destroyed. This is while we have hundreds of systems and thousands of missiles in our depots. No words. Just anger." Roepcke shared on the X platform.

Two weeks ago, Roepcke disclosed he had been informed about Ukraine's dwindling missile stockpile. He kept the exact figure confidential but implied it was critically low and nearly exhausted.

Russian forces face less resistance

Additionally, Roepcke showed a map displaying the likely routes of Russian missiles and drones from their most recent assault, launched from Wednesday night into Thursday. "Kyiv's airspace is a free pass for them now (the Russians)," he stated.

General Mykola Oleshchuk, the Ukrainian Air Forces commander, reported that Ukraine's air defense intercepted 57 out of 82 missiles and drones during Russia's latest offensive. The attack resulted in significant damage, including the destruction of the Trypilska thermal power plant in the Kyiv region, a crucial energy facility.

Russia aims to deplete Ukrainian defenses

Kyiv's authorities have pointed out that these intense Russian offensives with missiles and drones aim not only to cripple Ukraine's energy infrastructure but also to exhaust its air defense capabilities.

Ukrainian officials, including Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, have been actively seeking support from Western nations for more missile defense systems, notably the American-made Patriot systems.

Julian Roepcke, renowned for his battlefield analyses through photos, videos, and satellite images, is considered a credible source by both Ukrainian and Western media outlets because of his accurate assessments.

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