NewsUkraine warns of dire consequences without timely U.S. aid amid war

Ukraine warns of dire consequences without timely U.S. aid amid war

Disturbing words from Ukraine
Disturbing words from Ukraine
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7:23 AM EDT, May 3, 2024

Olha Stefaniszyna, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine for EU and NATO integration, shared her concerns on Thursday about the absence of a feasible contingency plan for Ukraine without support from the United States in the near future. Concerning remarks were also echoed by Dmytro Kuleba.
When asked about the possibility of a realistic alternative plan for Ukraine without American support, Olha Stefaniszyna replied, "In the short term - no. In the long term, it hinges on the development of a European defense core through establishing a suitable defense industry market". Her observations were shared during a business breakfast hosted by Forbes Ukraine magazine.
At present, Ukraine is awaiting deliveries of American military assistance, deemed essential by experts for continuing to counter the Russian invasion. The aid package, which includes $60.8 billion in support for Ukraine, was approved by the US Congress following extensive internal debates.

Many bad things can happen

Commenting on this aid package, Dmytro Kuleba, the Head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, mentioned that there's a delay between the announcement of aid and its deployment at the front. During this interval, he warned, "bad things may happen, such as the advance of Russian forces on the ground."

Kuleba highlighted that Ukrainian forces are experiencing a dire shortage of artillery ammunition, which has led to the bombardment and destruction of their positions. He stressed that in warfare, the speed of delivery is as crucial as the quality and quantity of the supplies.

"Unfortunately, I have to admit that Ukraine’s allies are behind schedule, despite their efforts. Some of them are making a great effort. But when I look at what Russia achieved in restoring the production of its defenders’ industrial base and what the entire West has achieved so far, we have to face the truth and recognize that Russia is more effective in its war effort," Kuleba stated.

He further raised a critical question for the West: "If it cannot be efficient enough in this particular war effort, then how efficient can it be if other wars and crises of the same scale break out?".

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