Entertainment"The Boys" satirizes Trump and political climate ahead of season four

"The Boys" satirizes Trump and political climate ahead of season four

"The Boys" is famous for references to contemporary times.
"The Boys" is famous for references to contemporary times.
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9:49 AM EST, March 1, 2024

Viewers of "The Boys" are already accustomed to seeing frequent references to the contemporary woes of Americans woven into the narrative. Through such allusions, the creators often subtly comment on the actions and rhetoric of the former (and potentially future) president, Donald Trump. Recently, they poked fun at a product he promoted.

The Amazon Prime Video series, which debuted in 2019, showcases self-proclaimed defenders of justice who stand against superheroes misusing their powers. Known for its graphic violence, the show has spawned a spin-off, "Generation V," which is equally brutal and popular, and there are plans for another spin-off set in Mexico. Under Eric Kripke's leadership, the show's creators often draw from current events in American politics.

Trump references are not new to "The Boys"

In an interview, Kripke confessed that the former president directly inspired certain scenes. For instance, in the finale of the third season, there's a moment where (spoiler alert!) Homelander's son, Ryan, accidentally kills a rally attendee with his laser vision. Initially met with shock, the crowd soon erupts into cheers for Ryan.

This scene mirrors a statement made by Trump at a 2016 Iowa rally, where he boasted that "he could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and he wouldn't lose any voters." Kripke humorously noted, "We initially saw it as strong satire, but it's increasingly resembling a terrifying reality. The more popular the politicians, the more they seem to get away with," during a conversation with Antyradio.

"The Boys" satirizes Donald Trump's new venture

As the anticipation for the fourth season builds, with its premiere still three months away, the series takes a jab at another Trump-related subject. A promotional image for Homelander's boots was recently shared on the X service under the Vought International profile, a fictional corporation in "The Boys." The boots bear a notable resemblance to a line of sneakers Trump recently advertised.

The advertisement boasts, "Vought proudly presents Homelander's ankle boots! Step into our heroes' shoes and feel as though you could fly. All proceeds will support his legal defense fund, available for the super price of $777. Secure your pair before Homelander's controversial trial on June 13," aligning the product release with the fourth season's premiere.

Though the "Trumpian" sneakers won't feature in the already-filmed episodes, they serve as a clever nod to golden sneakers promoted by Trump, featuring patriotic designs (red inserts and white stars against a navy backdrop). Homelander's product, priced at $777, contrasts with the shoes in Trump's line, which sold for $399 before selling out.

The storyline of the hero's trial in "The Boys," stemming from the referenced scene, parallels Trump's own legal challenges, where he recently faced over $350 million in fines for misstating his company's asset values.

Donald Trump's shoes were instantly sold out.
Donald Trump's shoes were instantly sold out.© gettrumpsneakers.com
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