TechBradley fighting vehicles prove pivotal in Ukraine conflict

Bradley fighting vehicles prove pivotal in Ukraine conflict

M2 Bradley in Ukraine, illustrative photo
M2 Bradley in Ukraine, illustrative photo
Images source: © X | Anton Sheveliov, Defense of Ukraine

1:19 PM EDT, June 6, 2024

The M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles are proving to be some of the most valuable weapons sent to Ukraine as part of Western support. According to American media, they are largely responsible for the Russians' significant losses. What makes the M2 Bradley so effective on the frontline?

By the end of 2023, about 200 units of M2 Bradley had been sent to Ukraine as part of the United States' support. Their numbers on the frontline could soon increase as more of these vehicles are included in the aid package approved by the U.S. Congress in April 2024.

M2 Bradley decimates the Russians

Ukrainian soldiers have repeatedly praised the M2 Bradley's capabilities. Over the past several months, numerous photos and videos have confirmed the vehicles' significant durability and exceptional offensive capabilities. As a result, they have repeatedly saved the lives of Ukrainian soldiers and helped eliminate Russian equipment. There are known instances where the M2 Bradley took on multiple Russian armored vehicles, such as the MT-LB.

In early June 2024, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense announced that over 15,000 Russian armored vehicles of various types had been destroyed. An article in Forbes emphasized that the Infantry Fighting Vehicles M2 Bradley played a significant role in this achievement. The publication referred to videos posted online showcasing the stark differences between the M2 Bradley and similar vehicles used by the Russian army. Meanwhile, American journalists believe that each week, the situation for the Russians worsens. They are sending increasingly older armored vehicles to the front, which stand no chance against the M2 Bradley.

What is the M2 Bradley equipped with?

The crew of each M2 Bradley has a broad and highly functional arsenal at their disposal. The main weapon is the 25mm M242 Bushmaster automatic cannon, which features a dual-feed system with a rate of fire of up to 200 rounds per minute. Additionally, the M2 Bradley comes equipped with a 7.62mm machine gun for engaging lightly armored targets, enemy soldiers, light fortifications, and an anti-tank TOW missile launcher.

The M2 Bradley weighs around 55,000 pounds, which is a result of not only its extensive equipment but primarily its strong armor. Even in its standard form, it is exceptional, and some units are further reinforced with BRAT (Bradley Reactive Armor Tiles) packages, providing even better protection against threats such as RPG-7 grenades.

Generally, the M2 Bradley is considered equipment that has performed excellently during the war in Ukraine. It's worth remembering that the M2 Bradley was also a significant threat to the enemy during the first Gulf War. The United States has no intention of abandoning this successful design. Plans are already in place to produce the new M2A4E1 Bradley variant, which will be even more durable.

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