TechAmerican Army's new M2A4E1 Bradley. Bolder and more indestructible than ever

American Army's new M2A4E1 Bradley. Bolder and more indestructible than ever

Bradley M2A4E1
Bradley M2A4E1
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7:17 AM EDT, May 2, 2024

Army has unveiled a new variant of the renowned infantry fighting vehicle, the M2A4E1 Bradley, promising even greater durability than its predecessors. This enhancement stems from insights gained on the battlegrounds in Ukraine.

The M2 Bradley is coveted on the front lines. Maksym Zhurin, Deputy Commander of the 3rd Assault Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, underscored the vehicle's significance, labeling it crucial in combat operations.

The Bradley's reputation for saving lives in armed conflict is well-documented. Recent footage and reports have highlighted its resilience—showing a Bradley withstanding a direct hit from a Russian kamikaze drone with only minor damage and no crew injuries. Another instance involved a Bradley that continued its mission after driving over a mine, reinforcing its status as one of the world's most protected vehicles. These examples underscore the vehicle's robust design, which the Americans are now looking to enhance further.

The Bradley becomes even tougher

According to Defence Express, the latest model, the M2A3E1, has been touted as the most fortified Bradley variant yet. The upgrade, developed by American Ground Combat Systems, incorporates the Iron Fist active protection system, an improved gunner sight, and a more efficient air conditioning system.

The Iron Fist system offers heightened defense against threats like rocket-propelled grenades by deploying small explosive charges on the vehicle's exterior. These charges detonate when a threat is detected, creating a shock wave to deflect or mitigate the impact of incoming projectiles.
Furthermore, the upgraded air conditioning system addresses the comfort and well-being of the crew, a vital aspect considering the Bradley can accommodate up to 10 members. This improvement emphasizes the army's commitment to sustaining its personnel's welfare under harsh conditions, making the Bradley an even more indispensable asset on the front lines.
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