FoodBlack latte: The latest coffee craze sweeping social media

Black latte: The latest coffee craze sweeping social media

Add to your coffee, and you will detoxify your body.
Add to your coffee, and you will detoxify your body.
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5:08 PM EDT, May 23, 2024

Coffee is trendy, and indeed, no one doubts this fact. Just like in fashion, coffee trends change from season to season. After a tonic espresso, nitro, and green matcha, it's time for a drink with a black color. What are we talking about? Black latte is one of the most popular drinks in recent months.

Black latte, also known as charcoal latte, is a drink based on activated charcoal, one of the most popular substances in recent years. The charcoal is dissolved in water and then added to frothed milk. This prepared drink takes on a devilishly black color, and if you believe influencers, it cures hangovers and stomach flu. How to prepare it?

Coffee in a dark version. Get to know black latte

Cocoa beans were known 2000 years ago. Back then, they weren't brewed; they were eaten with butter and salt. In the 11th century, beans from Ethiopia were brought to Yemen, where they were poured over with hot water. This is how coffee, one of the most popular drinks in the world, was born. Since then, the way it is brewed and consumed has changed. Inventions like espresso, latte, and americano came about. The real breakthrough happened a decade ago — that's when we discovered the taste of specialty coffee.

In specialty coffee, quality, freshness, and the size of the beans matter, as does the temperature of the water. Each of these factors significantly affects the taste of coffee. Fans of alternative coffee can detect notes similar to those present in the most expensive wines. It's a real treat for every coffee enthusiast.

In recent years, floral lattes (e.g., rose, lavender) have also gained popularity, and recently, black latte is being talked about more and more. What is a black latte? It's frothed milk with the addition of dissolved activated charcoal. It's the charcoal that gives it that unique color.

How to prepare a black latte?

Activated charcoal was used for stomach flu a dozen years ago. This ingredient alleviated the disease's course and removed toxins, bacteria, and chemicals from the digestive tract. Due to its cleansing properties, charcoal has been used in the cosmetic industry for several years. It deeply cleanses the skin and reduces sebum secretion.

According to dietitians, a black latte is an excellent way to detoxify the body after an illness or a wild night with alcohol. How do you prepare a black latte? It's effortless. Mix the charcoal in a small amount of warm water thoroughly. In the meantime, froth the milk or plant-based beverage. Pour it into a cup and add the dissolved charcoal when it becomes thick. If you want, you can also add a little sugar or honey. That's it!

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