NewsZelensky claims Putin fears Ukraine as US pledges $60.8 billion aid

Zelensky claims Putin fears Ukraine as US pledges $60.8 billion aid

Zelensky claims Putin fears Ukraine as US pledges $60.8 billion aid
Images source: © Getty Images | 2024 Anadolu
7:12 AM EDT, April 21, 2024

In a recent interview with Brazilian media, Volodymyr Zelensky stated that Putin is afraid of Ukraine. "I am sure of it. Because he is an insecure person," said the Ukrainian president.

"Believe me, Putin is very much afraid of us, I am sure of it. Because he is an insecure person. Confident people with a large army and great power, with so much in the way of natural mineral resources, don’t threaten the world with nuclear weapons; brave people don’t threaten civilisation, the Earth’s existence and all living things with nuclear weapons. So for me, this guy’s psychological type is completely clear." He emphasized the importance of remaining steadfast in their resolve.

Zelensky also discussed the challenges faced by his military. "As for fatigue, I won’t lie – it is there. But there are different perspectives on that – we are all humans. Even when you go to work at a job you love, you still come home tired in the evening. But that doesn't mean you’re not going to go to work the next morning," he remarked.

US decision on aid for Ukraine

Zelensky's interview was released at a pivotal time amid discussions on further American aid for Ukraine. On Saturday, the House of Representatives voted on a bill to provide Ukraine with $60.8 billion in aid.

The bill garnered overwhelming support, with a vote count of 311-112. All Democrats and a significant number of Republicans backed it.

The bill now advances to the Senate, where it is expected to be considered next week. President Joe Biden has already stated his intention to sign the bill immediately upon its passage.

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