TechXbox's new upgrade. More than just a game-changing Wi-Fi feature

Xbox's new upgrade. More than just a game-changing Wi‑Fi feature

New feature in Xbox consoles coming soon
New feature in Xbox consoles coming soon
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11:11 AM EDT, May 3, 2024

Microsoft is gearing up to enhance Xbox consoles with what might initially seem like a slight modification. Yet, this upgrade could significantly affect the console's functionality.

Amidst widespread speculation about the next generation of Xbox consoles and the buzz around a potential Xbox Handheld, it's crucial to concentrate on the concrete enhancements Microsoft plans to roll out for the currently available models.

What feature will Xbox gain?

Microsoft is in the process of testing a feature enabling Xbox consoles to remember multiple Wi-Fi networks. This development means users will have the capability to store connection details for up to ten password-protected wireless networks. To access this feature, users will navigate through the settings menu, select "network settings," and proceed to "manage wireless networks."
Currently, this feature is being tested with a select group of users. Microsoft adopts a similar strategy to Sony's approach with PS5 updates, choosing to run trial versions with a limited audience before a broader rollout.

What could the introduction of the new feature in Xbox consoles indicate?

The focus on such a minor update raises questions about its significance. The Verge suggests that this feature would be particularly advantageous for a portable Xbox console. This speculation further hints that the launch of an Xbox Handheld might be on the horizon, even though there hasn't been official confirmation of such a device. Nevertheless, the gaming community is abuzz with rumors about it.
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