TechWhatsApp's latest update. Streamlining group events with ease

WhatsApp's latest update. Streamlining group events with ease

The new feature will allow for organizing meetings via WhatsApp.
The new feature will allow for organizing meetings via WhatsApp.
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9:36 AM EDT, May 3, 2024
WhatsApp is soon introducing a new feature designed to streamline the organization of meetings within group chats, allowing for quick and efficient event planning.
The popular messaging app will incorporate an "Events" option in groups, simplifying the process of scheduling meetups.
Originally familiar to Facebook users, this upcoming feature enables an individual to create an event, detail it, and specify its date and time. Participants who join the event will receive an automatic reminder as it approaches.

Owned by Meta, like Facebook, WhatsApp's incorporation of the "Events" feature marks another instance of Meta integrating tools from its various platforms. Meta's analysts have observed an increased interest in group chats and the "Communities" feature, prompting the company to enhance user engagement through event creation and participation.

New feature for organizing real and virtual meetings

This feature will cater to both physical and virtual events, facilitating the organization of discussions or video chats directly within WhatsApp. Events created by group members will appear as a message at the top of the app window, ensuring constant visibility and accessibility.
The rollout date for this feature remains unannounced, but Meta plans to introduce it gradually to different user groups. Available on both mobile and desktop versions of WhatsApp, users are encouraged to stay patient for its arrival.
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