TechWhatsApp rolls out chat-hiding feature in the latest beta update

WhatsApp rolls out chat-hiding feature in the latest beta update

WhatsApp is working on a new feature
WhatsApp is working on a new feature
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6:40 AM EDT, May 6, 2024

WhatsApp users are about to experience a new feature designed to enhance organization within the app. The latest beta version reveals an upcoming option for users to hide specific chats in communities, aimed at streamlining interactions by temporarily muting selected groups.

In its beta updates, WhatsApp has been exploring new functionalities that are anticipated to transition into the stable version of the app. The update, available to Android beta testers, introduced the capability to hide selected communities. This function acts as a temporary mute, allowing users to de-clutter their chat overview and navigate communities more easily.

Once a chat is hidden, it moves to a lower position in the community list, pausing updates from that group without additional search efforts. This feature ensures that users can effortlessly resume their interaction with these communities, bypassing the hassle of locating them through other means with just a few taps.

Experiments are underway in WhatsApp to hide community chats.
Experiments are underway in WhatsApp to hide community chats.© WABetaInfo

While it's unclear when this feature will be released in the stable version of WhatsApp, its development suggests that users could see it in the coming weeks to months. It's important to note that new features may roll out simultaneously across Android and iOS, requiring some users to wait longer.

Additionally, WhatsApp provides several options for managing interactions with individual contacts or group chats, such as muting conversations, blocking unwanted messages, and reporting spam, further enhancing user control over their messaging experience.

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