LifestyleNetflix shakes up pricing, switches basic plan subscribers to ads

Netflix shakes up pricing, switches basic plan subscribers to ads

Netflix is transferring some customers to a plan with ads.
Netflix is transferring some customers to a plan with ads.
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8:03 AM EDT, May 4, 2024

Netflix has begun transitioning some of its initial basic plan subscribers to an ad-supported version. This move has sparked frustration among users, with a few even considering pausing their accounts.

The cost of a Netflix subscription varies based on the chosen plan, which includes Basic, Standard, and Premium options. Additionally, in certain regions, a Basic plan with ads is available. Recent discussions have hinted at Netflix's intention to eliminate the basic plan. This plan is now being implemented, with the first group of customers losing access to the original basic plan.

Where has Netflix phased out the basic plan?

The situation escalates as Netflix transitions basic plan subscribers to an ad-supported alternative, starting with those in the UK and Canada. It remains unconfirmed which countries will follow, though there is speculation about potential changes in the US or Australia. Understandably, the response from affected users has been less than positive.

Earlier this year, reports emerged about Netflix's strategy to gradually remove the basic plan option, which is now taking effect.

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