EntertainmentUMG and TikTok's landmark deal. A win for music creators and fans

UMG and TikTok's landmark deal. A win for music creators and fans

Universal Music Group and TikTok have reached an agreement.
Universal Music Group and TikTok have reached an agreement.
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11:53 AM EDT, May 2, 2024
Universal Music Group (UMG) and TikTok have announced a groundbreaking, multi-faceted licensing agreement. This pact promises substantial benefits for artists, songwriters, and labels under UMG's global umbrella and heralds the much-anticipated return of UMG's music to TikTok's billion-strong community.

The collaboration between Universal Music Group, a titan in the music entertainment sector, and TikTok marks a revolutionary phase of strategic partnership. Both entities are dedicated to amplifying the creative and commercial prospects of UMG's artists and songwriters. Leveraging TikTok's cutting-edge technology, marketing prowess, and promotional avenues, the alliance aims to offer:

- Enhanced remuneration for UMG creators,
- Novel promotional and engagement avenues for their music and compositions,
- Advanced protections concerning AI-generated tracks.

The return of UMG music to TikTok

TikTok enthusiasts can rejoice over the comeback of UMG's extensive record catalogs and tracks. Users are again empowered to craft videos featuring tunes from the globe's most celebrated artists and songwriters, including promising new talents.

As part of the deal, both companies will forge new monetization paths, capitalizing on TikTok's burgeoning e-commerce platforms. They're set to co-create campaigns spotlighting UMG artists across various genres and global locales.

TikTok pledges ongoing investment in artist-centric tools to maximize UMG artists' engagement on the platform. Innovations like "Add to Music App," enhanced analytics, and seamless integration of ticket sales will not only spur financial gains for artists and foster their global fanbase growth.

Protecting human artistic creativity in the AI era

In the face of emerging artificial intelligence in music, TikTok and UMG vow to shield human creativity and safeguard artists' and songwriters' revenues. TikTok also commits to working with UMG to eradicate unauthorized AI-generated music content on its platform and enhance attribution accuracy for artists and songwriters.

UMG and TikTok are swiftly acting to reintegrate music from Universal's roster of artists and songwriters to TikTok at an unprecedented pace.

This novel agreement between UMG and TikTok is a beacon of progress for both entities. It signals a future where the music industry thrives, ensuring artists and songwriters receive equitable compensation in the digital realm and offering fans access to UMG's vast musical repertoire on one of the globe's leading social platforms.

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