NewsUkrainian troops cheer on the US aid breakthrough. Senate vote next

Ukrainian troops cheer on the US aid breakthrough. Senate vote next

Ukrainian artillerymen in the Bakhmut sector
Ukrainian artillerymen in the Bakhmut sector
Images source: © Getty Images | 2024 Anadolu

7:43 AM EDT, April 21, 2024

Initial reactions are emerging from key stakeholders regarding the U.S. military aid for Kyiv, especially from Ukrainian soldiers. Ukrainian diplomat Oleksandr Szczerba shared one such response.

Szczerba relayed a message he received from a soldier he knows who is currently serving on the front line.

"The whole unit watched (the course of voting in the US House of Representatives on the aid for Ukraine - ed.). After the vote, one could hear all over the trench: 'YESSS!'" - quoted the diplomat on the X platform.

"Thank you!" - added Szczerba.

Breakthrough in aid for Ukraine

Last Saturday, the House of Representatives endorsed a nearly $61 billion aid package for Ukraine. This decision ends months of stalemate and sets the stage for resumed support for Ukraine next week.

The measure received overwhelming support from both sides, passing 311-112. It was backed by all Democrats and many Republicans (101 out of 213).

Next, the bill moves to the Senate, where it's expected to be voted on next week. Its passage is anticipated by Tuesday, though the exact timeline will depend on the Senate's procedural agreements.

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