EntertainmentStallone's "Tulsa King" under fire for on-set controversy

Stallone's "Tulsa King" under fire for on‑set controversy

Sylvester Stallone has troubles.
Sylvester Stallone has troubles.
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11:58 AM EDT, April 13, 2024

The series "Tulsa King," which debuted in November 2022, has quickly risen to be a significant hit on the Paramount+ platform. Regrettably, the production of its second season has faced challenges that could potentially impact its continuation.

Sylvester Stallone, a legendary figure in Hollywood, has enjoyed popularity for almost five decades. Despite his recent roles being associated with films from the early '90s, streaming projects have now propelled him back to prominence.

In "Tulsa King," Stallone portrays a gangster of Italian heritage who seeks to reintegrate into his mafia family after serving a lengthy prison term. To his dismay, he discovers he is unwelcome in New York. Consequently, the boss, for whom he had been incarcerated for 25 years, exiles him to the obscure city of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

"Tulsa King" has garnered high praise from critics and viewers alike, earning Stallone accolades like he hasn't experienced in years. The series' acclaim also extends to its creator, Taylor Sheridan, whose exceptional screenplay and dialogues allow Stallone to captivate the audience with his sharp wit.

A regrettable turn of events

Recent reports have surfaced that during the filming of "Tulsa King"'s second season, Stallone made rude remarks about the appearance of extras on set. This led to the casting company severing ties with the production. Additionally, SAG-AFTRA, the union representing supporting actors, has initiated an inquiry and contemplates formal charges against Stallone.

According to allegations, Stallone, in front of witnesses, verbally attacked the director and denigrated the extras and supporting actors. He is accused of making derogatory comments about their appearance, with insults such as "a tub of lard" and "fat guy with a cane," and requested the inclusion of "pretty, young girls" on set. The union has made it clear that derogatory remarks are unacceptable.

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