EntertainmentHugh Hefner's legacy continues. Where are the Playboy founder's children now?

Hugh Hefner's legacy continues. Where are the Playboy founder's children now?

Hugh Hefner with his son
Hugh Hefner with his son
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7:07 AM EDT, April 12, 2024

Despite Hugh Hefner's passing a few years ago, his legacy continues to resonate worldwide. Interestingly, not everyone knows that the "Playboy" founder had four children. But what has become of them?

Hugh Hefner was an American entrepreneur and cartoonist best known for founding Playboy in 1953. More than just a businessman, Hefner was a vocal advocate for free speech and sexual freedom. Playboy became hugely popular and shaped American culture with articles, celebrity interviews, and daring photo shoots.

Though Hefner's life was famously filled with women, he was married only three times and fathered four children.

What are Hugh Hefner's children up to?

Hugh first married Mildred Williams Gunn in 1949. The union, marred by infidelity, ended in divorce, but they had two children: Christie (b. 1952) and David (b. 1955). Later, Hefner married Kimberley Conrad, with whom he had two sons: Marston (b. 1990) and Cooper (b. 1991). Though they separated officially after 21 years, they had lived apart since 1998. Hefner's last marriage was to Crystal Harris, a woman who was 30 years his junior.

So, what paths have Hugh's children taken? Christie Hefner rose to become the president of Playboy Enterprises at just 23 before eventually serving as its CEO. After two decades, she shifted her focus to philanthropy. In one interview, Christie reflected positively on the work environment at Playboy, noting that models were given as much respect as journalists and other collaborators.

David Hefner chose to carve out a separate path from his father's empire, focusing on computer consulting and film production, with credits including the movie "Forgotten Pills." Unlike his siblings, David keeps a low profile and rarely speaks to the media. Marston encountered legal troubles in 2012, being arrested for domestic violence and subsequently undergoing a year of therapy. Now 34, he pursues a career as a novelist. The youngest, Cooper, embraced his inheritance, taking up the Playboy mantle from his father.

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