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NewsSpectacular drone strike by Ukraine turns Russian tank into fireball

Spectacular drone strike by Ukraine turns Russian tank into fireball

Ukrainians spectacularly destroyed a Russian tank T-72B3M
Ukrainians spectacularly destroyed a Russian tank T-72B3M
Images source: © Telegram
6:38 AM EDT, April 9, 2024

It's been a while since we've seen a tank explosion as impressive as this one. The Ukrainian 47th Mechanized Brigade recently demonstrated another spectacular attack on a Russian armoured unit near Avdiivka. Three drones targeted and obliterated a T-72B3M, turning it into a veritable fireball.

The war in Ukraine has raged for 775 days, yet some things remain constant. The latest footage from the 47th Mechanized Brigade captures the striking blow dealt to the Russians near Avdiivka. Their target was the advancing T-72B3M tank.

The T-72's upgraded version, designed to enhance combat performance and meet modern battlefield standards, was left dire after the assault. The explosion set off by the drone attack was so immense it was likely visible for miles.

The Russian tank was obliterated, disintegrating into countless pieces.

Ukrainian drones are increasingly vital for defence operations and surveillance in conflict zones. These innovations allow us to witness the outcomes of Ukrainian defensive strategies on the front lines. Another video yet again highlights the remarkable capabilities of these drones.

The first drone struck the tank's tracks, narrowly missing two Russian soldiers at the last moment, although one soldier was injured. Subsequently, after attending to their wounded comrade, they sought refuge under the tank—an ultimately fatal choice—as the Ukrainians launched another assault.

Shortly after, a second Ukrainian drone targeted the Russians' makeshift shelter, presumably delivering a lethal strike.

The third and final strike was the most dramatic, completely eradicating the tank. The blast was so powerful that it sent the tank's cannon flying several meters away.

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