NewsSochi airport's black smoke part of a drill, amid attack rumours

Sochi airport's black smoke part of a drill, amid attack rumours

Billows of smoke above the airport in Sochi. "The fire was planned"
Billows of smoke above the airport in Sochi. "The fire was planned"
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6:33 AM EDT, March 14, 2024

The fire incident at the airport occurred on Wednesday, but footage from the scene has only started circulating in the media recently. One video, captured by a local resident, features commentary suggesting that a plane might be ablaze.

Planned fire exercise at Sochi Airport

The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, along with the airport, confirmed, "the fire was planned".

"Dear passengers and guests of Sochi! The smoke visible from the airport originates from a drill conducted by the airport's rescue services in partnership with the city's Ministry of Emergency Situations. The fire was a controlled part of these firefighting exercises," announced the airport's press service.

Rumors of an atack on the airport

Despite official statements, Telegram channels linked to the Ukrainian military have speculated that the airport was targeted in an attack.

Russian authorities have consistently refuted claims that domestic sites have been attacked. Similar to the instance of Crimea being shelled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Russian officials reported "grass fires" or "planned exercises." This narrative has been echoed in instances where Ukrainian drones allegedly targeted strategic locations within Russia.

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