NewsDrones Strike Russian FSB Building in Belgorod Amid Ukraine Conflict

Drones Strike Russian FSB Building in Belgorod Amid Ukraine Conflict

Smoke rising above the FSB building in Belgorod
Smoke rising above the FSB building in Belgorod
Images source: © Telegram
1:36 AM EDT, March 14, 2024

On Wednesday morning, drones struck the Federal Security Service (FSB) building in Belgorod, western Russia, reportedly deployed by Russian saboteurs allied with Ukraine. This information was provided by the Ukrainian service RBK-Ukraine, citing sources within Kyiv's special services.

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Reports of a raid by Russian saboteurs, backed by Kyiv, in the Belgorod and Kursk regions of western Russia have been circulating since Tuesday. By Wednesday morning, videos and photos documenting kamikaze drone attacks on FSB facilities in Belgorod emerged online.

According to RBK-Ukraine, which quoted contacts in the Ukrainian special services, the attacks were executed by Russian saboteurs from the "Freedom of Russia" Legion, the Siberian Brigade, and the Russian Volunteer Corps.

No official denial

The drone attack on the FSB building in Belgorod was confirmed by the state news agency TASS, which reported blown-out windows and facade damage. Remarkably, there were no reported injuries. The original post was later deleted from the agency's website and its Telegram channel, remaining accessible only on the English version of the TASS site.

Meanwhile, Vyacheslav Gladkov, governor of the Belgorod region, acknowledged an attack by two drones on the city but did not specify that the FSB building was hit.

Source: RBK-Ukraine/TASS/Meduza

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