NewsRussia's strategic blueprint for Ukraine: Hybrid warfare intensifies

Russia's strategic blueprint for Ukraine: Hybrid warfare intensifies

Ukrainians are repelling Russian attacks, but the scales of victory could tip in favor of Russia at any moment.
Ukrainians are repelling Russian attacks, but the scales of victory could tip in favor of Russia at any moment.
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3:54 AM EST, March 1, 2024

Inciting internal conflicts in Ukraine and its supporting countries, followed by a strategic assault aimed at the Ukrainian military in the east - this outlines Russia's war plan, according to intelligence information examined by the Presidential Intelligence Committee in Kyiv. The culmination of these Russian initiatives is expected by the spring of 2024.

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Two years into the full-scale war initiated by Russia, Ukrainian intelligence services have raised alarms about the persistent threat to their country. Despite Kyiv's valiant defense of its independence, the tide of the conflict seems to slowly turn in favor of the aggressor, defying Western predictions.

Moscow is reportedly moving forward with a detailed strategy for dealing a decisive blow in the ongoing conflict, as revealed by The Russian plan is said to involve sabotage aimed at widespread destruction, with a focus on disinformation campaigns and provocations, as per Ukrainian warnings.

In the weeks ahead, the adversary might disseminate narratives harmful to global security, striving to kindle conflicts within the war-torn nation and its neighboring states. At the heart of the Russian strategy is the aim to militarily overpower Ukraine in the eastern region.

Intensification of these activities is expected in the first half of June. Ukrainian intelligence has uncovered plans geared towards demoralizing society, inciting panic, pitting the military against civilians, and fueling disputes between political leaders and the public.

As part of the so-called "Special Operation Maidan-3," the Ukrainian intelligence committee has revealed a Russian-backed campaign on the Telegram platform. With a budget of $1.5 billion, Russian intelligence aims to disrupt the platform with an overwhelming influx of comments, challenging the credibility of Ukrainian authorities.

Operation Maidan-3: Russia escalates disinformation efforts and plans June attack

The agenda also touches on the tenure of President Volodymyr Zelensky. According to the Ukrainian constitution, elections cannot be held during wartime, suggesting that Zelensky will remain in office for the duration of the conflict.

All these developments occur as Russia boasts about creating new superweapons, which, it claims, will secure Moscow's technological supremacy over the West for the coming decade—a point of concern for Ukraine. Ukrainian intelligence suggests that the Kremlin's endgame is to pressure nations into direct negotiations with Russia, bypassing Kyiv.

"We urge Ukrainian society, our international partners, and allies to bolster our collective defense and comprehensive security measures, particularly in the digital domain, to effectively confront the global threats and challenges posed by the emerging hybrid war. Unity is paramount for our nation," stressed the intelligence committee of the President of Ukraine.

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