NewsRussian Military's Use of Unarmored Golf Carts Proves Deadly in Ukraine Conflict

Russian Military's Use of Unarmored Golf Carts Proves Deadly in Ukraine Conflict

Golf carts are coffins on wheels for Russian soldiers.
Golf carts are coffins on wheels for Russian soldiers.
Images source: © Telegram
2:45 PM EDT, March 27, 2024

Russians are increasingly using Chinese Desertcross 1000-3 golf carts on the battlefield. As recordings from the front line show, the consequences are tragic – they essentially turn into coffins on wheels.

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Last year, the Russian army acquired 2,100 Desertcross 1000-3 carts. Despite their ability to navigate challenging terrain, these vehicles lack armor. Consequently, when Putin's army uses them to transport infantry to the front line, they become easy targets for Ukrainian kamikaze drones and artillery, effectively becoming "coffins on wheels" for the soldiers inside, as confirmed by numerous front-line recordings.

In one recording, made west of Avdiivka in the Donetsk region, we see Russian soldiers in two carts being attacked by Ukrainian cluster artillery. The destruction is compounded by kamikaze drones that target Russians attempting to flee.

Another scene shows an abandoned golf cart in Berdyansk, also west of Avdiivka in the Donetsk region.

Elsewhere, Russians are seen escaping from a golf cart just in the nick of time. Not everyone was so fortunate.

The fate of Russian soldiers in one recording seems grim following a kamikaze drone strike. It hit right between them as they traveled in the Chinese-made cart.

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