NewsSeries of aerial bombs mistakenly dropped in Russia's Belgorod region

Series of aerial bombs mistakenly dropped in Russia's Belgorod region

Russian bombers Tu-22M3
Russian bombers Tu-22M3
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1:30 PM EDT, March 26, 2024

Putin's aircraft dropped two more aerial bombs on Russia, landing in the Belgorod region, according to the Russian channel Astra on Telegram, which cited sources for this information. Remarkably, this marks the fifth occurrence of such incidents this week.

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On Monday, residents near the village of Shchelayevo in the Valuyki area discovered an FAB-250 air bomb. Another bomb of the same type was found approximately three miles from the village of Kazinka, also in the Valuyki area, as reported by the Astra channel on Telegram. In both instances, there were no evacuations, and sappers were dispatched to safely remove the explosives.

Over the last two days, Russian media have shared reports of two additional unexploded aerial bombs in the Belgorod region. One was located near the area of Vvedenskaya Gotnya (Rakitiansky district). Local officials confirmed that it has been securely removed and dismantled.

Meanwhile, the Telegram channel Papel disclosed that another unexploded bomb was found in the village of Zamostje, close to Grayvoron, which recently witnessed skirmishes with Russian volunteer saboteurs operating alongside Ukraine. Reportedly, the explosive has yet to be removed, lying at the village's entrance, as sappers and rescue teams have faced challenges safely accessing it.

This series of incidents isn't novel, as Russian military aircraft have mistakenly dropped ammunition on Russian soil while en route to Ukraine before, particularly recurring in the Belgorod region.

Source: Telegram/Moscow Times

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