NewsRussian forces destroy Patriot missile systems in Ukraine for the first time

Russian forces destroy Patriot missile systems in Ukraine for the first time

Russians destroyed two Patriots? New reports from Donetsk
Russians destroyed two Patriots? New reports from Donetsk
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4:22 PM EDT, March 11, 2024

A drone operated by Russians reportedly detected a Ukrainian Armed Forces convoy near Pokrovsk, which included at least two Patriot missile systems. They were destroyed through an Iskander missile strike, likely resulting in the death of the crew members, according to Ukrainian media reports.

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This event marks the first time during the conflict that Russian forces have successfully located and destroyed Patriot missile systems. The Russian Ministry of Defense has released footage showcasing this operation.

American publication Forbes reports that a drone operator pinpointed the location of the Ukrainian convoy near Pokrovsk (in the Donetsk region). Following identification, ground-to-ground missiles were deployed. The Iskander missiles are reported to have directly struck the Ukrainian convoy, traveling hundreds of miles, leading to the explosion of two Patriot launchers and the death of their crews.

Julian Röpcke, a journalist for "Bild," analyzed the video and noted that the launchers were positioned 33 feet apart and "had been stationary long enough for Russia to target them with a ballistic missile." "No words," Röpcke commented.

However, the American Institute for the Study of War has yet to confirm the Russian claims. They suggest the video might depict the destruction of MAN KAT1 trucks, which are capable of transporting Patriot systems as well as serving logistical purposes.

The impact on Ukrainian defense capabilities

As a result, the Ukrainian forces might have lost 13 percent of their Patriot launchers in a single strike.

Additionally, on March 5th, reports emerged about a Russian attack on a mobile HIMARS launcher, which, for reasons not fully explained, did not relocate after launching its missiles.

Source: Forbes, "Ukrainian Truth"

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