TechRussian black Sea Fleet camouflages against Ukrainian drone threats

Russian black Sea Fleet camouflages against Ukrainian drone threats

Cezar Kunikow moments before the attack of Ukrainian drones
Cezar Kunikow moments before the attack of Ukrainian drones
Images source: © Youtube | Główny Departament Wywiadu Ministerstwa Obrony Ukrainy
11:46 PM EST, February 29, 2024

The new camouflage is becoming more prevalent among units currently stationed in Novorossiysk. According to the Military Service, it is visible on various vessels, including unidentified large landing ships of projects 775 and 11711, frigates of project 11356R "Admiral Essen" and "Admiral Makarov", two corvettes of project 21631, and two patrol ships of project 22160. OSINT analyst, MT Anderson, shared photos on Twitter showcasing some of these ships.

According to a report by Military, this camouflage is likely a countermeasure against the threat of Ukrainian kamikaze sea drones, which rely on cameras for target identification. The report also mentions insights from experts at Naval News, who believe the camouflage pattern is intended to confuse drone pilots and make them perceive the camouflaged units as less valuable targets.

Ukrainian sea drones increasingly pose a threat

In September 2023, Ukraine became the first country to establish a specialized military unit utilizing armed, strike sea drones. Details about the 385th Separate Brigade and the equipment it employs are scarce. It's speculated that they might be using devices such as the multifunctional surface vessel Magura V5 or the unmanned vehicle "Sea Baby", which have successfully disrupted Russian operations.

For example, on February 13th, 2024, using Magura V5 drones, Ukrainians managed to sink the landing ship Cezar Kunikov in Ukrainian territorial waters near Alupka in Crimea. The attack caused significant damage to the ship, and footage of the incident surfaced online.

The Magura V5 drones, credited with the destruction of the ship Cezar Kunikov, are versatile surface vessels notable for their high maneuverability and remote operation capabilities. According to available data, the Magura V5 (Maritime Autonomous Guard Unmanned Robotic Apparatus) measures 18 feet in length and 4.9 feet in width, with a top speed of 48 mph (and an operational cruising speed of 25 mph). Its estimated range stands at about 517 miles, carrying a payload of up to 705 pounds.

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