TechUkrainian sea drones sink Russian ship Cezar Kunikov in the Black Sea: Examining the capabilities of Magura V5

Ukrainian sea drones sink Russian ship Cezar Kunikov in the Black Sea: Examining the capabilities of Magura V5

Cezar Kunikow just before the attack of Ukrainian drones
Cezar Kunikow just before the attack of Ukrainian drones
Images source: © Youtube | Główny Departament Wywiadu Ministerstwa Obrony Ukrainy

11:16 PM EST, February 14, 2024

The Ukrainian Naval Forces Command announced that the attack occurred at night on February 14th. The amphibious ship Cezar Kunikov was in Ukraine's territorial waters, near Alupka in Crimea. The mission was carried out by the special unit "Group 13", utilizing kamikaze sea drone, Magura V5. The Ukrainian Military service noted that the Cezar Kunikov suffered significant damage and began to sink. A clip displaying the impact on the Russian ship has surfaced online. You can see it below:

Introduction to Ukrainian Magura V5 drones

The Magura V5 is a recent addition to the burgeoning fleet of Ukrainian drones. The device was initially unveiled at the International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF 2023), from July 25-28, 2023, in Istanbul. At the time, Ukrainians underscored that this multipurpose surface vessel could pose a significant threat as it is designed for conducting observations, reconnaissance, and combat missions. Notable features include its high maneuverability and remote launch capability.

The Kamikaze sea drone was developed by the Ukrainian company SpetsTechnoExport. Based on available data, the Magura V5, or Maritime Autonomous Guard Unmanned Robotic Apparatus, measures 18 feet long and 5 feet wide and is capable of achieving a maximum speed of 49 miles per hour (its standard cruising speed is 25 miles per hour). The drone's range is approximately 518 miles, with a payload capacity of 705 lbs.

In July, the Ukrainian Industry Portal reported that the device relies on a Wi-Fi Mesh network amplified by a signal booster or satellite communication. The device is also equipped with a V5 hydrodynamic hull, which enhances the drone's maneuverability and makes it harder to detect.

The Ukrainians have previously released footage of these drones hunting Russian ships in the Black Sea. Particularly under the cover of darkness, unmanned aerial vehicles of this type pose a tangible threat. They navigate silently at high speeds, and their design and color scheme make early detection challenging.

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