TechRussia Ramps Up Military Might with State-of-the-Art Tank Shipments to Ukraine

Russia Ramps Up Military Might with State-of-the-Art Tank Shipments to Ukraine

T-90M heading to Ukraine
T-90M heading to Ukraine
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9:22 AM EDT, May 7, 2024

Russians are bolstering their military forces with another shipment of tanks. This time, a train fully loaded with T-90M Proryw tanks departed from the production facilities in Nizhny Tagil, highlighting the ongoing support of their army with advanced equipment. These tanks represent a formidable challenge to Ukrainian defenses.

The Russian military regularly receives additional tank deliveries, which vary in technological advancement. While not always the most modern versions, even older models play a crucial role due to their sheer numbers, despite questions about their defensive effectiveness. One notable example includes the deployment of T-62 tanks in mid-March 2024, as outlined in a report from ESSA News.

Also prevalent are shipments of the widely used T-72 tanks, through which Russia significantly increases its armored presence in Ukraine. However, cutting-edge models, such as the T-90M Proryw, currently garner the most attention for their superior capabilities within the Russian arsenal.

The T-90M Proryw has been spotlighted in March 2024 footage, showcasing yet another dispatch from UralVagonZavod to the frontline. Among the finest in Russia's collection, these tanks are en route to reinforce military operations, a movement that the Bulgarian Military portal has acknowledged.

More Russian tanks en route to the frontline

According to sources, a convoy carrying at least 10 T-90M Proryw tanks is on its way to Ukraine. This dispatch underscores Russia's capability to continue producing its latest models. However, it raises questions about whether all replacements for losses incurred during the conflict are brand-new or if they include refurbished units.

It's worth noting that the T-90M Proryw, despite having vulnerabilities exposed by the conflict in Ukraine, remains among the most lethal tanks in the Russian arsenal. Compared to older Russian models, it sets itself apart from Western tanks with its technology and boasts enhanced durability and firepower.

The T-90M protects its three-person crew with Relikt reactive armor, covering both the turret and hull. Its defensive systems are complemented by a 125 mm smoothbore cannon 2A46M-5, paired with the state-of-the-art Kalina fire control system. Additionally, the tank is outfitted with machine guns of calibers 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm. The powertrain, capable of generating 1000 HP, propels the T-90M Proryw to up to 40 mph speeds.

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