TechRussia sends upgraded T-62M tanks to Ukraine amid conflict escalation

Russia sends upgraded T‑62M tanks to Ukraine amid conflict escalation

T-62M tank transport
T-62M tank transport
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11:22 AM EDT, March 16, 2024

At least 11 updated T-62M mod. 2022 tanks were recently observed at the Kamensk-Uralsky railway station in Russia, en route to Ukraine. This move illustrates Russia's ongoing effort to bolster its military presence at the front lines. A recent video captured the transportation of these tanks, following closely after footage that showcased the advanced T-90M Proryv tanks heading in the same direction. The shared video, notably from @technicznybdg, highlights that these older, yet upgraded, T-62Ms will soon be deployed to the battlefield.

T-62 tanks en route to Ukraine

The footage from Kamensk-Uralsky showcased T-62Ms, representing a significant modernization of the original T-62 tanks dating back to the 1980s. This upgrade includes additional composite armor on the front of the hull and turret, enhanced anti-mine protection, and rubber-metal skirts to shield the tank's sides. Aimed at improving mobility, the T-62M incorporates tracks from the more recent T-72 model and is powered by a new engine producing 620 horsepower. However, the addition of new armour has increased the weight of the T-62M by about 4 tons over its predecessor without dramatically improving performance.

Even aging anti-tank systems, like the Milan 2, or the more current Stugna-P, can easily neutralize the T-62M. Modern tanks provided to Ukraine by Western nations can also penetrate the T-62M's armour effortlessly. In addition to its inadequate armour, the T-62M's offensive capabilities lag behind modern standards. Its 115 mm cannon cannot breach the armour of contemporaneous tanks such as the T-72 or T-64, and the absence of modern night vision equipment exposes severe vulnerabilities in nocturnal engagements. Nevertheless, it's important to acknowledge that any tank, despite its limitations, adds value to its operating forces. Therefore, it's probable that the T-62Ms will assume roles such as trench support, rather than leading assaults on the front lines.

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