NewsRussia claims intercept of German officers discussing Crimea bridge attack

Russia claims intercept of German officers discussing Crimea bridge attack

Crimean Bridge
Crimean Bridge
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12:03 PM EST, March 1, 2024
It's crucial to note that information provided by Russian state media or Kremlin officials often lacks veracity. Reports like these could be elements of an information warfare strategy by the Russian Federation.
According to Simonyan, an audio recording exists where German officers are heard planning attacks on the Crimean Bridge. "The same day Scholz asserted that NATO is not and will not be involved in the Ukrainian conflict, my military contacts shared something quite intriguing with me," stated Simonyan, a well-known figure aligned with the Kremlin.
In response, Simonyan has called for an explanation from the German ambassador, the German Foreign Minister, and Chancellor Scholz themselves, provocatively questioning whether it's time for Russia to "actively remind Germany of the consequences the last time Russian bridges were targeted."
Reportedly, the recorded conversation took place on February 19. Simonyan lists the participants as Frank Graefe, head of operations and exercises at the Bundeswehr Air Force Command, and BBC inspector Ingo Gerhartz. Fenske and Frostedt, employees at the air operations center of the Space Command, were also said to be involved.
As per Friday's report from Russian media, the officers discussed the "demolition of the Crimean Bridge," proposing to divide the entire operation into phases and to seek assistance from Great Britain.
"We've thoroughly analyzed the situation and regrettably concluded that due to its size, the bridge resembles a runway. Hence, it might require not ten but possibly 20 missiles," an officer reportedly said.
The proposed attack would use Taurus maneuvering missiles, and according to Russian claims, be executed not by NATO forces but by specially trained Ukrainian soldiers.
"One needs to ascertain if such a political decision aligns directly with task planning. Should this be the case, training may need to be extended to allow for more complex operations," another officer purportedly stated.
Additionally, German officials are said to have acknowledged the possibility of sending satellite imagery and precise coordinates of Russian targets to Kyiv, accurate to about 10 feet.
Commenting on the situation, one officer expressed a personal stance: "I believe I should abstain from this meeting. It’s crucial for us to maintain a level-headed assessment and not exacerbate the situation, unlike others who supply Storm Shadow and Scalp missiles."
Transcript of the alleged conversation of NATO military personnel
Transcript of the alleged conversation of NATO military personnel© Telegram
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