NewsRussia accused of forming migrant force to destabilize EU before elections

Russia accused of forming migrant force to destabilize EU before elections

Władimir Putin
Władimir Putin
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10:41 AM EST, March 1, 2024

There have been persistent reports about Russian support for refugees from regions like Syria, Afghanistan, Turkey, and various African countries in their efforts to reach Europe. The goal, allegedly, is to shake the stability of the European Union by overwhelming member states with illegal migrants. Vladimir Putin is said to use "private armies," such as the Wagner group, for this purpose. Finland has already responded by shutting its border with Russia, accusing the Kremlin of engaging in a hybrid warfare tactic.

Reports suggest Russia may step up its efforts with the onset of spring. Putin’s so-called "private armies" are rumored to be working to ignite violence in countries like Burkina Faso, Mali, Sudan, the Central African Republic, and Libya, driving people to seek refuge in Europe.

Putin's alleged strategy ahead of the European Parliament elections

According to secret Russian intelligence documents obtained by "The Telegraph," there are plans to establish a 15,000-strong border force made up of ex-militants from Libya. This force aims to manage the migration paths and influence the flow of migrants heading to Europe.

- By taking control over migration routes to Europe, it's possible to exert influence on elections since strategically increasing or decreasing the number of migrants in certain areas can sway public opinion at critical times, an anonymous source explained to the newspaper.

Source: "The Telegraph"
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