AutosRetiree's Tesla Model S hits 1.24 million miles with 14 engines

Retiree's Tesla Model S hits 1.24 million miles with 14 engines

The car traveled a piece of the world
The car traveled a piece of the world
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7:06 PM EDT, April 4, 2024

Hansjorg von Gemmingen-Hornberg is an adventurous German who decided to spend his retirement journeying extensively in his Tesla Model S. He has recently surpassed yet another milestone by logging an impressive 1.24 million miles.

We covered the story of this extraordinary vehicle and its owner back in December 2023. At that time, Hansjorg von Gemmingen-Hornberg had reached 1.18 million miles. It took the enthusiast only a few more months to achieve the remarkable 1.24 million miles milestone, which he announced at the start of April.

The feat is undeniably impressive, though it's important to note the journey wasn't without its challenges. Hansjorg von Gemmingen-Hornberg purchased his Model S in 2014 with just 18,641 miles. Since acquiring the car, he has driven close to 1.24 million miles, during which he needed 14 different engines and replaced the battery pack four times.

This achievement notwithstanding, it illustrates that with meticulous maintenance, the vehicle continues to serve him excellently and is still being put through its paces. The committed driver has no plans of decelerating anytime soon, so we can anticipate further updates on his unprecedented mileage in the months ahead.

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