NewsPutin accuses the West of fueling conflict in border regions

Putin accuses the West of fueling conflict in border regions

Władimir Putin
Władimir Putin
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1:11 PM EDT, March 20, 2024

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently commented on the conflicts occurring in the Belgorod and Kursk regions, pointing fingers at the West for utilizing trans-border radical and terrorist groups to fuel aggression against Russia. He further accused Kyiv's leadership of implementing "terrorist tactics," referring to them as a "neo-Nazi regime."

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A reminder: Numerous reports from Russian sources or government officials are often identified as propaganda, playing a role in the informational warfare led by the Russian Federation.

In a meeting with the Federal Security Service's board, Putin lauded the agency for its year-round efforts in preserving Russia's sovereignty and its success in thwarting extremism.

During this meeting, he addressed the actions of rebel groups launching assaults in both the Belgorod and Kursk regions.

"We are confronted by a formidable and hazardous foe, possessing extensive resources in information, technology, and finance," Putin acknowledged.

He emphasized, "The so-called neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv has also resorted to terrorist methods: supported externally and often directly commanded. Their tactics include bombarding civilian areas, targeting government and public personnel, and scheming subversive terrorist acts aimed at crucial infrastructure and public areas within Russia," the Russian President asserted.

Moreover, Putin blamed Western nations for backing these attacks. "It's significant to highlight that the West has actively engaged diverse trans-border radical and terrorist factions, indirectly fueling their hostility toward Russia," he remarked. He recollected early March warnings from American and British embassies to their citizens in Russia, advising them to steer clear of large gatherings due to potential threats.

Putin vows retaliation

Putin also claimed that any attempts at undermining Russia from within its borders have been foiled.

"All attempts to infiltrate our territory using sabotage and terrorist groups composed of regular enemy troops, foreign mercenaries, and various other elements that arrived in Kyiv’s territory through different means: all these efforts have been thwarted," he declared.

"We will retaliate indefinitely, no matter where they are," he stated emphatically.

Since March 12, groups of Russian volunteers have initiated attacks in the Kursk and Belgorod regions. Unconfirmed reports suggest several fatalities and about 100 injuries resulting from the skirmishes.

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