NewsZelensky reports surge in Russian military activity across Ukraine

Zelensky reports surge in Russian military activity across Ukraine

The Russians have set their sights on a new region in Ukraine. "200 bombs"
The Russians have set their sights on a new region in Ukraine. "200 bombs"
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7:08 AM EDT, March 20, 2024

Russia is expanding its military activities in Ukraine, according to President Volodymyr Zelensky. He reported that besides the intense attacks on the Kharkiv and Donetsk regions, the Sumy region in northeastern Ukraine faced a barrage of approximately 200 Russian-guided missiles in less than three weeks of March.

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Zelensky highlighted the strategic significance of the Sumy region, noting its direct border with Russia. "The Russian army aims to devastate our border villages completely, targeting civilian infrastructures," he stated in a video message released Tuesday evening.

The Ukrainian President believes enhancing missile defense systems is crucial to repelling Russian assaults in the area.

Furthermore, Zelensky shared that 2023 will see "significant European decisions," mentioning ongoing discussions with Brussels to ease trade restrictions between Ukraine and the European Union. "This is vital for our economy's stability during these troubled times," he underscored.

Additionally, Zelensky suggested that decisions regarding Ukraine's potential EU membership might emerge in June.

Russian reporters announce a major escalation: "It's a full-scale operation"

Meanwhile, the Belgorod region in Russia experiences severe clashes. Since March 12, Russian partisans, aligning with Ukraine, have launched attacks in the area, resulting in 16 deaths and 98 injuries.

"This conflict is beyond mere skirmishes with a sabotage squad. It's a comprehensive military effort, deploying aircraft, artillery, tanks, and numerous drones," state Russian military bloggers.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, addressing the Federal Security Service (FSB) board, emphasized the importance of apprehending "traitors" who have sided with the partisans.

"- I urge you to remember their identities and unmask them by name. We will seek justice against them indefinitely, no matter where they are," Putin declared.

Source: "Ukrainian Truth"

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