NewsPentagon chief declares urgent need for continued support to Ukraine

Pentagon chief declares urgent need for continued support to Ukraine

"They don't have a day to lose." Alarming appeal by the Pentagon chief
"They don't have a day to lose." Alarming appeal by the Pentagon chief
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1:53 PM EDT, March 20, 2024
The Pentagon chief has issued a stark warning that the security of both Ukraine and America is currently at risk, emphasizing the urgency of the situation. "We don't have a single day to waste, nor do we, so I am leaving this meeting fully determined to ensure that military aid and ammunition continue to flow," said Lloyd Austin.
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"It's a matter of survival and sovereignty for Ukraine, and a matter of honor and security for America," Austin stated at a press conference following a meeting with representatives from dozens of countries that support Ukraine.
Austin stressed that the US cannot allow Russia's strategy of outwaiting the West to prevail. Despite the gravity of his message, Austin assured that the 20th Ramstein format meeting was successful. He praised the creativity of America's allies in seeking new ways to support Ukraine, especially through ammunition delivery, highlighting the Czech Republic's efforts as an exemplary form of support.
Austin also mentioned the American arms package valued at up to 300 million dollars, which was approved last week, despite running low on funds for restocking the American arsenal.
Addressing concerns about the potential for the front lines to collapse under Russian pressure and Ukraine's ammunition shortage, Austin maintained that, despite Russia's incremental battlefield advances, Ukrainian forces are confident in their ability to hold the front line.
Austin pointed out that providing ammunition to Ukraine is critical. He is optimistic about Congress approving funds for continued support, though he acknowledged that "no one can predict" the outcome.
He recognized that in the current situation, America must match its allies in support for Ukraine, noting that 15 countries are contributing proportionally more funds than the US. He also mentioned that, to date, the Ramstein group of countries has allocated military aid to Ukraine worth 88 billion dollars.

"We all will be less safe if Putin has his way"

"The United States will not allow Ukraine to fall," asserted the Pentagon chief at the start of the meeting. "This coalition will prevent Ukraine's fall, and the free world will not tolerate it," stated the US Secretary of Defense. "Everything must be done to thwart Vladimir Putin's 'imperial plans'," he emphasized. "We all will be less safe if Putin has his way," he added.
Also present at the press conference was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. C.Q. Brown Jr., who provided insights into the battlefield situation. He noted that despite losing some territory, Ukraine is inflicting significant losses on Russia. Brown observed that Russia's strategy is to wait until the West's willingness to aid Ukraine diminishes. "This coalition cannot let that strategy succeed," he underscored.
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