NewsOutrage in North Korea over Putin's lavish gift to Kim amid widespread poverty

Outrage in North Korea over Putin's lavish gift to Kim amid widespread poverty

Kim Dzong Un z siostrą Kim Jo Dzong.
Kim Dzong Un z siostrą Kim Jo Dzong.
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9:02 AM EST, March 1, 2024

The recent news that Kim Jong Un received a gift angered many North Koreans, who are battling severe poverty daily. They view the gesture as a mockery of their hardship. "We can barely find grass to chew on," a North Korean resident expressed.

The gift from Vladimir Putin to Kim Jong Un has generated outrage and resentment among North Koreans, according to the South Korean portal Daily NK, which talked to residents.

One of the residents of Chongjin (capital of North Hamgyong province) shared their frustration: "People like us are so poor that we can barely find grass to chew on."

"Mocking hungry people"

"We are not ignorant. We are aware of what's happening. North Koreans fully grasp that we're expected to endure hardships so our country can produce and sell weapons, and use the profits to manufacture even more armaments. I can't see who benefits from bolstering our military or advancing our nuclear capabilities. To me, hearing about the car felt like a taunt," another resident remarked.

"They shouldn't have broadcasted it," one person criticized. "I suspect the car wasn't a free gift. He probably had to give something of substantial value in exchange," speculated another.

The deeper the hunger, the stronger the frustration. An increasing number of North Korean families lack regular access to food. Despite rumors of Pyongyang profiting from arms sales to Russia, food rations remain unchanged.

"Still, we have to find ways to survive. If not, we might end up begging on the streets until death claims us," relayed an anonymous Daily NK source, echoing the predicament of another Chongjin resident.

Gift from Putin

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was reported to have received a car "for personal use" from Vladimir Putin - as announced by North Korean state media on Tuesday. The Reuters agency highlights that such a gift could potentially violate UN sanctions, which Moscow is a party to.

Following the meeting between Kim and Putin in September of the previous year, both nations reported an intensification of cooperation and plans to deepen contacts in various sectors. This comes amid further international isolation due to Russia's conflict with Ukraine and North Korea's nuclear program, Reuters added.

The car, manufactured in Russia, was delivered to Kim's closest aides on February 18 – as reported by the official North Korean news outlet KCNA, without providing details about the car or its transportation to North Korea.

Source: Daily NK

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