NewsNorth Korean workers face harsh punishments over missupply of special apples for Kim Jong Il commemoration

North Korean workers face harsh punishments over missupply of special apples for Kim Jong Il commemoration

Residents of North Korea are selling apples. Illustrative photo.
Residents of North Korea are selling apples. Illustrative photo.
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7:11 AM EST, February 20, 2024

According to an anonymous source cited by the South Korean portal Daily NK, the party committee of North Hwanghae province conducted an investigation and decided to penalize the workers to blame for the insufficient apple count. "When a team from the Central Committee's accounting department traveled to Hwangju County on February 7 to collect category 8 apples, considered an exceptional delicacy, they couldn't meet the quota because many apples were rotten," divulged the source.

Category 8 entails exceptional-quality products gifted to the Central Committee's officials on special occasions and significant holidays. These include the apples from Hwangju. "Proper storage of the fruit is essential if the accounting department is to meet the intended quota for key holidays," stated an anonymous source to Daily NK.

The source also disclosed that the officials were incensed to learn that they wouldn't have enough apples to commemorate the North Korean leader's father due to poor storage. "The incident was meticulously reported to the Central Committee, which prompted the North Hwanghae Province's Party Committee to enforce disciplinary measures against the managers of the local quality control office," explained the source.

Punishment meted out by the party

"The provincial party committee's organizational department conducted a field inspection concerning the faulty handling of category 8 products by the quality control office and issued stern warnings and disciplinary measures to the responsible individuals, including a senior and two junior inspectors. It was also decided that the senior inspector would be relieved of his position," expanded the Daily NK source.

The workers also faced accusations of inappropriate reverence towards North Korea's revolutionary leadership. Initially rejected by party officials, surplus apples were distributed to kindergartens, high schools, and war veterans to mark Kim Jong Il's birthday. The remainder was disposed of.

Kim Jong Il, the father of Kim Jong Un, ruled North Korea from 1994 until his demise in 2011.

Source: Daily NK

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