NewsMysterious disappearance of a young Scot on North Sea cruise

Mysterious disappearance of a young Scot on North Sea cruise

Young student Liam fell overboard from the cruise ship "MSC Euribia".
Young student Liam fell overboard from the cruise ship "MSC Euribia".
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12:11 PM EDT, March 26, 2024

A 23-year-old Scot disappeared under mysterious circumstances during a cruise in the North Sea, having earlier complained of seasickness. His fate remains a mystery.

Liam J., a 23-year-old social work student from Scotland, embarked on a cruise last week with his mother aboard the "MSC Euribia," a luxury cruise ship stretching 1,085 feet, bound for Southampton, United Kingdom.

Their plan was to visit several European cities and celebrate his mother's birthday. However, on the second day of their trip, Liam suddenly vanished.

Following his disappearance, MSC Cruises, when contacted by the "Daily Record," stated that they had alerted the authorities. On March 22, police from Southampton boarded the ship to conduct an investigation on behalf of the coroner.

Sophia, Liam's 20-year-old wife, has been left in anguish, saying in a "Daily Record" interview that she has been kept in the dark by the authorities since her husband went missing.

“I feel so lost,” she shared with profound despair. “He just… disappeared. I'll never see him again. I'm devastated,” she continued.

MSC Cruises has clarified that Liam’s disappearance does not appear to involve foul play. Unconfirmed reports suggest that surveillance footage shows him falling overboard into the North Sea.

Tragedy off the coast of Ramsgate

Last October, a similar tragedy struck on board the German cruise ship AIDAperla, en route from Hamburg to the Canary Islands in Spain. The BBC reported that a crew member fell overboard near Ramsgate. The ship was promptly halted and returned to the last known location of the man in the water, with the coastguard immediately notified.

Despite a 9-hour search, the man was not found.

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