NewsRussian trawler hit by friendly fire during naval exercises, report

Russian trawler hit by friendly fire during naval exercises, report

Russians sank their own ship. Accident during Baltic Fleet exercises.
Russians sank their own ship. Accident during Baltic Fleet exercises.
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5:51 PM EDT, March 21, 2024

Dozhd, an independent Russian TV station, reports that the trawler "Captain Lobanov" was struck by friendly fire during the Baltic Fleet exercises, citing a crew member's relative. Official statements from Kaliningrad region authorities mention only a fire.

The incident happened on March 19, resulting in three crew members dead and four injured.

A relative of one of the deceased told the station that a missile launched during the Baltic Fleet's exercises caused the accident.

Authorities report only a fire

Before the incident, the trawler's crew members were preparing to go to sleep. Shortly after, the strike occurred. As per the official report from Kaliningrad region authorities, a fire erupted on the trawler, with the cause still being investigated. Moreover, authorities have confirmed only one fatality.

"When the survivors were evacuated, it was clear to everyone that three people had perished. And it was clear to everyone that a missile was involved. They decided to attribute it to a 'fire.' It's curious what kind of fire could completely obliterate the captain's cabin. It was utterly destroyed," a relative told the station.

Advised "not to talk about the event"

The survivors were taken to a hospital in Pionierskij, with one victim in serious condition. According to the source, Federal Security Service officers interrogated the injured in the hospital and advised them "not to talk about the event."

The Kaliningrad region authorities have pledged to provide 1 million rubles (about $13,000) to the family of the deceased and 500,000 rubles (about $6,500) to the injured. Dozhd determined, using data from the automatic ship tracking system, that "Captain Lobanov" might have entered the Baltic Fleet's training ground.

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