NewsMissiles strike Belgorod in dawn raid, extensive damage reported

Missiles strike Belgorod in dawn raid, extensive damage reported

Alarm in Russia. Dozens of missiles over Belgorod
Alarm in Russia. Dozens of missiles over Belgorod
Images source: © TG
3:15 AM EDT, March 31, 2024

Early Sunday morning, sirens wailed across Belgorod and the surrounding region in Russia, signaling an area hit by a hail of missiles. The majority of the damage occurred in Belgorod, where one person was reported injured.

The war in Ukraine: the most important information in our live coverage

It's vital to note that many reports from Russian media or government officials are elements of propaganda. These announcements are part of the informational warfare conducted by the Russian Federation.

With the rising sun, the urgent sound of sirens filled the air in Belgorod and its region, prompting the governor, Vyacheslav Gladkov, to advise, "If you are at home, stay away from the windows. Seek safety in rooms with sturdy walls. If outside, find immediate shelter."

10 missiles intercepted

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the offensive was launched by Ukraine, which allegedly fired dozens of rockets from the RM-70 Vampire system. "The duty air defense systems intercepted ten rockets," their statement detailed.

Images surfacing online depicted the aftermath of the attack. A residence lay in ruins while missile fragments littered roads and pathways.

In several images, explosion craters are evident, and numerous buildings suffered shattered windows.

Before 8 a.m., Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov reported a minor injury. "In Belgorod, an apartment building's windows were blown out, 18 private homes sustained damage - including two fires. Vehicles and utility lines, including power and water, were also hit. Emergency teams have been dispatched to mitigate the damage," his statement read.

The wider region experienced less severe but still noteworthy damage, primarily involving broken windows, damaged vehicles, and disrupted utility services.

Clashes continue at the border

Since March 12, skirmishes have erupted in Russian territories adjacent to Ukraine. These conflicts involve Putin's forces clashing with Russian volunteer formations aligned with Kyiv, including the Russian Volunteer Corps, the Freedom of Russia Legion, and the Siberian Battalion.

In response to the recent shelling, Belgorod's authorities commenced evacuation procedures for approximately 9,000 children from high-risk areas. Residents have voiced concerns about underreported incidents by local officials, noting discrepancies in reported attack locations compared to their actual occurrences, as shared with the Mozhem Objasnit portal.

In 2023, the Belgorod region has also been the target of Ukrainian shelling, a retaliatory measure for Russian strikes on civilian areas in Ukraine. On December 30 of the previous year, air attacks resulted in over 20 fatalities in Belgorod and more than a hundred injuries.

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