NewsKremlin cites "no premises for talks" as Ukraine war rages on

Kremlin cites "no premises for talks" as Ukraine war rages on

Spokesman for the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov
Spokesman for the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov
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5:16 AM EDT, April 28, 2024

"So far, at this moment, there are no premises for talks because everybody knows full well Ukraine's stance on rejecting any kind of negotiations," said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Saturday.

Many statements by the Russian media and government officials are propaganda tactics. These narratives are components of the informational conflict pursued by the Russian Federation.

On Saturday, Dmitry Peskov spoke about the potential peace talks between Moscow and Kyiv. "As of now, there are no preconditions for negotiations, as Ukraine's position on rejecting any negotiation is well-known," mentioned Peskov, as quoted by the Kremlin's news agency TASS.

He added that the special military operation (a term used in Russia for the war in Ukraine) continues. Peskov also highlighted that Russia has never declined the peaceful resolution of disputes and has always preferred this method for resolving conflicts.

London accused of undermining the peace agreement

Peskov accused London of being the primary force behind the failure to sign the Istanbul agreements, which had the potential to end the war in Ukraine in 2022.

"It is well-known that the document was initially agreed upon, and the reason behind the Ukrainian side's withdrawal and the halt in finalizing the document is clear from the words of the Ukrainian negotiator," he stated.

"It was direct pressure from London," added Peskov.

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