NewsNATO Chief Urges More Weapon Support for Ukraine Amid War

NATO Chief Urges More Weapon Support for Ukraine Amid War

Jesn Stoltenberg
Jesn Stoltenberg
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6:26 PM EDT, April 27, 2024

Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, warned against the sluggishness in supplying weapons to Ukraine.

Jens Stoltenberg said in an interview with the German public TV station ARD, which aired on Saturday, that having Russia as a neighbor means no option is without risk. He emphasized that Ukraine has the right to defend itself and that Western allies can and should support the country under attack.

Stoltenberg praised Germany for setting a good example, highlighting it as a European ally providing Ukraine's most substantial military support. He noted that the assistance includes tanks, air defense systems, artillery, and ammunition.

In the interview with ARD, Stoltenberg avoided discussing Ukraine's ongoing requests to deliver German Taurus cruise missiles. As before, the NATO chief refrained from publicly advising individual allies.

Call for Support for Ukraine

Jens Stoltenberg expressed confidence in Ukraine's ability to fend off the Russian assault, citing the "bravery and courage" of the Ukrainian armed forces. Despite initial expectations by many experts that Russian forces would quickly overpower Ukraine, the Ukrainian forces have reclaimed a significant portion of the territory temporarily occupied by Russia.

"What they need now is more support from us – and then they will be able to hold onto their territory," Stoltenberg stated on ARD TV, referencing the recent decision by the US to provide multi-billion-dollar aid to Ukraine.

Scholz Remains Opposed to Taurus Missiles

On Wednesday (04/24), the US announced it would supply Ukraine with short-range ATACMS missiles capable of reaching up to 186 miles, an upgrade from the previously supplied versions with a range of up to 102 miles. As reported by the news agency AFP, this move by the US adds pressure on Germany to arm the Ukrainian military with Taurus cruise missiles.

The Taurus missiles, with a range of over 310 miles, could reach Russian territory and potentially target weapons depots and command centres. This capability is a principal reason German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) opposes their delivery, citing concerns over direct German involvement in the conflict through missile guidance and the potential engagement of Bundeswehr members in the war. Proponents of delivering the Taurus missiles dismiss these concerns.

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