EntertainmentKim Jong Un's decadent "pleasure train" exposed by defector

Kim Jong Un's decadent "pleasure train" exposed by defector

From North Korea, Yeonmi Park spoke about the behind-the-scenes of Kim Jong Un's "pleasure train".
From North Korea, Yeonmi Park spoke about the behind-the-scenes of Kim Jong Un's "pleasure train".
Images source: © Instagram, Youtube | KCTV, Yeonmi Park
6:55 AM EDT, May 6, 2024

It's widely known that the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un, has a taste for the extravagant. He is known to travel by a luxurious train accompanied by a harem, as revealed by Yeonmi Park, an activist and defector from the totalitarian state, in an interview with "The Star."

Kim Jong Un is fond of lavish parties featuring beautiful women, alcohol, and other luxuries, a lifestyle that has been the subject of numerous international media stories. Among the more sensational aspects is his "pleasure train."

While it's not unprecedented for state leaders to have their armored train, Kim Jong Un's version is outfitted like a mobile brothel. His car is adorned with pink sofas and stocked with alcohol and delicacies. Female attendants, who are part of his harem, serenade him, and the train even includes an armored Mercedes and a portable toilet.

Yeonmi Park, now 30, offers insight into Kim Jong Un's regime. Park, who has escaped North Korea via China, is an activist and TV presenter in the US. In her interview with The Star, She discusses the inner workings of the "pleasure train."

She describes “hunts” for young girls, virgins meant to fulfill the sexual desires of the dictator and his circle. Those who resist face execution. Officials reportedly scout schools to select the most attractive girls, aligning with the dictator's preference for tall, slim virgins, ideally with a more Western look.

The selected girls are sent to a training camp where they learn the "art of pleasing men." The article explains that the girls first undergo medical examinations to verify their virginity. They are subsequently divided into groups; some are assigned to dance and sing, others receive training to become masseuses, and a select few are taken as concubines for generals and Kim Jong Un himself. Each year, 25 girls are selected for these roles.

Yeonmi Park was spared from being selected for the "pleasure train" as officials disqualify candidates with family members living outside North Korea, such as in China.

Although some girls might initially find their roles appealing, their tenure is brief. According to the article, girls are considered too old by the age of 20 and are summarily dismissed.

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