NewsRevealed: Kim Jong Un's 'Pleasure Squads' of selected virgins

Revealed: Kim Jong Un's 'Pleasure Squads' of selected virgins

Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un
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4:11 PM EDT, May 3, 2024

Our understanding of North Korea remains limited. Recent revelations from a defector from this secretive country have shed light on the existence of what is known as "pleasure squads." Allegedly, these groups are under the direct command of Kim Jong Un and comprise women personally selected by him.

North Korea continues to be enigmatic, with its population largely isolated from the outside world and subjected to a regime of terror and propaganda. Kim Jong Un, who assumed absolute control over the country 13 years ago following his father's rule, is the face of these oppressive actions.

Since coming to power, he has reportedly leveraged his position for personal gain. A North Korean defector claims that part of this involves establishing "pleasure squads" composed of young virgins, essentially creating a harem for the leader.

Kim Jong Un's alleged selection of virgins

The "squad" is reportedly split into three groups: one specializes in massages, another in entertainment, and a third is prepared for sexual relations. Kim Jong Un is said to be personally involved in selecting these virgins, who must previously undergo medical examinations and training in how to please the ruler.

According to a defector quoted by the portal, the dictator's associates conduct the initial screening, focusing on the women's backgrounds and appearances before reserving them for their leader. The search for Kim Jong Un's potential lovers is said to be carried out in various locations, including school courtyards and classrooms.

A girl’s association with South Korea or a history of defection in her family can disqualify her from selection. Those who pass the initial screening but fail to attract the dictator's favour are reportedly sent to serve the generals instead.

Many North Korean families reportedly hope for their daughters to be chosen for a pleasure squad, seeing it as a potential way to improve their living conditions, despite the exploitative nature of these roles.

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