NewsIslamic State reveals altered strategy in deadly Moscow concert attack

Islamic State reveals altered strategy in deadly Moscow concert attack

Destroyed Crocus City Hall in Krasnogorsk
Destroyed Crocus City Hall in Krasnogorsk
Images source: © PAP | YURI KOCHETKOV
2:59 PM EDT, March 29, 2024
The Islamic State has disclosed new information regarding the attack on the concert venue, Crocus City Hall, situated near Moscow. Initially, the assault was planned differently, but the plan had to be altered due to a malfunction in the attackers' rifles.
In an article from the Islamic State's newspaper "Al-Naba," details emerged about the tragic event at Crocus City Hall. The plan involved three attackers opening fire on people inside the venue, while a fourth was designated to ignite the building, creating obstacles for rescue efforts.
According to "Al-Naba," the attackers intended to carry out a more extensive assault, having sufficient ammunition to kill more individuals and even to confront the security forces that responded to the incident. However, due to malfunctioning rifles, they were compelled to withdraw. The newspaper reports that the jihadists were ultimately surrounded in a forest and taken into custody.
The publication suggested that after the Russian authorities failed to thwart the attack, they had no option but to blame the "Western camp" to avoid admitting defeat by the militants. "Al-Naba" also mentioned that Russia aims to interrogate the captives in a manner that fuels political disputes with its adversaries and obscures the losses inflicted by the militants.
The jihadists asserted that the assault resulted in over 500 casualties, either killed or injured.

Russia points fingers at Ukraine

Experts have highlighted previously unknown details within these reports, challenging the Russian narrative that seeks to connect the attack with Ukraine.
Vladimir Putin has maintained that Islamists have no motive for targeting Russia, asserting that the country seeks a "fair solution" to the intensifying Middle East conflict.
It is crucial to remember that Russian forces, including soldiers and mercenaries, are actively engaged against jihadist elements globally, including in Africa. Furthermore, Moscow continues to back Bashar al-Assad's regime in Syria, which is in conflict with the Islamic State.
Ultimately, the attack on Crocus City Hall resulted in the loss of 143 lives, with numerous others wounded.
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