NewsPutin secures fifth term aiming to intensify Ukraine conflict and suppress dissent

Putin secures fifth term aiming to intensify Ukraine conflict and suppress dissent

Vladimir Putin's plans have been revealed. Will he respond to the ISIS attack?
Vladimir Putin's plans have been revealed. Will he respond to the ISIS attack?
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8:27 AM EDT, March 27, 2024
As anticipated, the recent "election" for president in Russia was decisively won by the incumbent leader, Vladimir Putin. What plans does the Russian leader have for his fifth term in office?

Vladimir Putin has recently secured his fifth presidential term. Rumors of new mobilization efforts surged after a deadly terrorist attack occurred at a concert hall near Moscow less than a week following the presidential election.

According to two Kremlin insiders, Russia's "political elite" do not anticipate any significant, unpredictable, or foundational changes in the country during Putin's fifth term.

It is now clear that the Russian government intends to step up repression against dissidents, with Putin's main objective remaining the war in Ukraine. Any hope of repairing relations with the West seems futile.
"However, this is not new, but simply an escalation of existing measures," reported a source close to Putin's administration. "In terms of events and changes, Putin's new term effectively began in February 2022, not now."

Will Putin respond to the ISIS attack?

The terrorist attack on the concert hall in Crocus is unlikely to alter Vladimir Putin’s plans significantly.

"Initially, the terrorist attack shocked me, followed by concerns about potential severe repercussions. I considered the possibility of a serious escalation, perhaps even using tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine," a Kremlin informant disclosed. "At present, the top leadership is not making clear decisions but is rather reassuring the populace. The strategy is to avoid any abrupt actions if possible," he added.
New developments in the Russian political landscape are only likely after the end of the invasion or at least a ceasefire.

Although all sources from Meduza are convinced of Putin's intention to continue the war in Ukraine, their views on his objectives vary. One source believes that seeing Ukraine as weakened after a failed counteroffensive, Putin is prepared to pursue a victory at all costs, even advancing to Kyiv if necessary.

"If needed, he is willing to call for mobilization and shift the economy further towards a war footing. He sticks to his principles," we read.
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