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NewsIslamic State claims responsibility amidst leaked torture videos by Russian authorities

Islamic State claims responsibility amidst leaked torture videos by Russian authorities

Russians brutally interrogate suspects in the attack near Moscow.
Russians brutally interrogate suspects in the attack near Moscow.
Images source: © X
4:38 AM EDT, March 25, 2024
Suspected terrorists involved in the attack at Crocus City Hall in Moscow are now in the custody of Russian authorities. Photos and video footage from "interrogations" conducted by investigators are being leaked online. "Russia and human rights are mutually exclusive," comments Jarosław Wolski.
The Islamic State has taken responsibility for the attack on Crocus City Hall in Krasnogorsk, near Moscow, which occurred last Friday. The day following the attack, Russian authorities arrested and identified the suspects as citizens of Tajikistan.

Controversial videos of the "interrogations" of the captured suspects are spreading across the internet, largely due to the primitive torture methods shown, leading to forced admissions of guilt. Political scientist, journalist, and publicist Jarosław Wolski has commented on one of these videos, which was shared on social media.

"Russia and human rights are mutually exclusive. Indeed, one attacker from ISIS-K has already been subjected to having a car battery attached to his testicles, a part of standard Russian preliminary interrogation, and the photo has made its way online," wrote the journalist.
The case of the attack near Moscow has brought more than one "suspected terrorist" into the spotlight, with numerous materials that are equally disturbing. Our coverage on Saturday highlighted an exceptionally brutal encounter between an alleged terrorist and Russian "officers."
In a follow-up post on the X (Twitter) platform, Wolski outlines two more aspects of such treatments of prisoners. He firstly compares the methods used by Russians to those of the Third Reich or the USSR.
"Think about the treatment of Ukrainian POWs. Russia acts in the same manner as OGPU, NKVD, NKGB, NKVD, GESTAPO, etc.," Wolski states.

In the concluding part of his post, Wolski is not surprised that these methods are effective in achieving their intended outcomes. The main goal was the total suppression of the resistance movement in the territories occupied by the Russians.

"In less than two years, Russia has completely quashed the guerrilla movement in the occupied territories of Ukraine. The photo partly explains how," concludes Wolski's post.
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