NewsHIMARS strike in Donetsk kills 19 Russian soldiers, including deputy commander

HIMARS strike in Donetsk kills 19 Russian soldiers, including deputy commander

HIMARS launcher in action in Ukraine
HIMARS launcher in action in Ukraine
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5:57 PM EST, February 28, 2024

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According to information from the Spy Dossier channel on Telegram, the incident occurred during a ceremony to award medals to 155th Independent Naval Infantry Brigade members. Around 1 p.m. Eastern Time, two rockets from the HIMARS system hit the site.

The assault claimed the lives of 19 servicemen and wounded 12. Among those killed were Lieutenant Colonel Roman Kozhukhov (deputy brigade commander), Major Alexander Abilov, and Captain Nail Shakmanov. The brigade's commander, Colonel Mikhail Gudkov, sustained injuries.

The report highlights that the command had prior knowledge about the presence of an enemy reconnaissance aircraft in the vicinity but chose to disregard this crucial information. Additionally, it is worth noting that the incident occurred near a monument dedicated to the unknown soldier of the Great Patriotic War, which was destroyed in the attack.

Recent HIMARS strikes target Russian forces

Recent days have witnessed a series of incidents where Russian soldiers were caught off-guard within the striking range of Ukrainian rocket artillery.

On February 20, a rocket attack on a training ground in the Donetsk region resulted in the deaths of at least 68 Russian soldiers from the 36th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade.

Moreover, an attack on February 21 targeted a military training area in the Oleshky Sands National Park in the Kherson region. Unofficial reports indicate that this assault led to more than 30 Russian soldiers' deaths, with over 30 additional personnel injured.

Source: Telegram/Unian

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