NewsUkrainian forces establish new defenses amid Russian assaults

Ukrainian forces establish new defenses amid Russian assaults

Russian armored vehicles explode under the settlement Stepowe
Russian armored vehicles explode under the settlement Stepowe
Images source: © Telegram | Espreso
1:42 PM EST, February 28, 2024
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Following the loss of Avdiivka, Ukrainian forces pulled back to the west, establishing new defenses. Capitalizing on their numbers, the Russians aim to drive them further from the city. Controlling the hills around Avdiivka allows for precise artillery fire on Ukraine's new positions, giving the Russians a tactical advantage.

Ukrainian troops now hold a line through Berdyansk, Orlyvka, and Tonenke villages. "The future permanency of this situation is uncertain. The outskirts of Berdyansk and Orlyvka are currently under storm by Russian forces," stated Bohdan Baczynski, an analyst for Espreso TV.

Despite suffering heavy losses, especially in aviation, Russian forces continue to pound Ukrainian positions with missile attacks. Initially, Ukrainian defenders were facing about 50 missiles daily, but this number has nearly doubled. Even effective air defense systems have not discouraged the onslaught. Baczynski states, "Our enemy sees a unique opportunity, one that might never present itself again," highlighting the dire situation for Ukrainian forces from ammunition shortages.

Despite losses

Stepne, a village roughly 3.7 miles north of Avdiivka's suburbs, is a testament to Russian persistence. Here, Russian forces relentlessly attack Ukrainian positions, indifferent to their casualties.

A telling video recently made its way online, showing two Russian BTR-80 armored vehicles being destroyed by mines in Stepney. This adds to the more than 25 vehicle wrecks belonging to the Russian army already scattered across this small area.

Source: Espreso/X
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