NewsGlobal alerts issued over potential extremist threats in Moscow

Global alerts issued over potential extremist threats in Moscow

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8:55 AM EST, March 9, 2024

The foreign ministries of Latvia, Canada, South Korea, Sweden, Germany, and the Czech Republic have echoed a warning initially issued by the US embassy in Moscow regarding the risk of an "extremist" attack in Russia this Saturday and Sunday. This was reported by the independent portal Meduza on Saturday.

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The Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, referring to the alert from the American embassy, has urged its citizens to exercise caution and steer clear of large gatherings in Moscow for the next 48 hours, Meduza detailed, sourcing the announcement made in Riga.

The US Embassy in Moscow alerted on Friday evening to potential plans for an "extremist" attack in the Russian capital, advising American nationals to remain vigilant. This advisory came shortly after the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) revealed it had foiled an attempted attack on a synagogue in Moscow.

Diplomatic communities sound the alarm

The embassy is keeping track of reports indicating that extremists might target large gatherings in Moscow, like concerts, soon. It has advised Americans to avoid such events over the coming 48 hours, though it did not clarify the nature of the "extremists" it mentioned.

Canada has updated its travel warning, incorporating new details that include the terrorist threat mentioned by the American embassy.

Canadian nationals are advised to avoid large public events and remain alert in crowded places, ensuring they stay informed through Russian media outlets.

Similarly, the South Korean embassy in Moscow has issued a warning. The Swedish Embassy, as reported by Meduza, noted that due to the deteriorating security situation, its citizens are dissuaded from visiting Russia.

The Czech Embassy in Moscow emphasized that Czech nationals should be particularly cautious and avoid large gatherings following reports of possible extremist attacks in major Russian cities.

Meanwhile, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reinforced its previous advice against travel to Russia.

These advisories, as cited by Meduza, were published on the websites of the relevant embassies and ministries on Friday.

Reuters reminds us that the FSB had earlier reported thwarting an attack planned by the Afghan branch of the Islamic State. However, it's unclear whether this announcement is related to the subsequent warnings.

The United States, along with the United Kingdom and Canada, had already earlier warned their citizens against travelling to Russia.

The initial alert regarding a potential extremist threat in Moscow was issued by American diplomacy on Thursday evening.

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