NewsUS Embassy warns of extremist threat in Moscow, tensions with Russia rise

US Embassy warns of extremist threat in Moscow, tensions with Russia rise

Red Square in Moscow. Illustrative photo.
Red Square in Moscow. Illustrative photo.
Images source: © Getty Images | Grant Faint
9:44 AM EST, March 8, 2024

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"The embassy is closely monitoring reports suggesting that extremists plan to target large gatherings in Moscow, including concerts," stated a brief warning issued by the American facility and the State Department on Thursday.
The Embassy urged Americans to steer clear of large crowds for the upcoming 48 hours and reminded them about the existing travel warning to Russia.
No further information was provided regarding the nature of the threat or the identity of the alleged extremists.
The Russian Foreign Ministry announced on Thursday that it had summoned US Ambassador Lynne Tracy to inform her about Moscow's stance. According to the ministry, American diplomats will face expulsion from Russia if, as claimed by Moscow, they interfere in its internal affairs.
The allegations, as reported by Reuters, involve "subversive actions" and the dissemination of information related to Russia's presidential elections, scheduled for March 15-17.
The Ministry expressed its determination to counter such activities, threatening to "expel staff of the United States Embassy involved in such activities as undesirable persons."
The spokesperson for the American embassy has yet to comment on the statement.
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