NewsExpert Predicts Possible World War III Start Date in March 2024

Expert Predicts Possible World War III Start Date in March 2024

Expert Predicts Possible World War III Start Date in March 2024
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8:46 AM EDT, March 12, 2024

According to Professor Glees, World War III could start on March 18, 2024. He suggests that the trigger for the conflict could be an attack by Russia on other countries following the announcement of Vladimir Putin's victory in the presidential elections set for March 17.

Interestingly, Glees proposes that Putin himself would not be the instigator but Aleksandr Lukashenko. He argues that the President of Belarus, seen as Putin's puppet, might instigate a border incident with Poland or Ukraine, leading to armed retaliation.

According to Glees, this sequence of events would force NATO to mobilize. However, before such a response could be organized, Russian forces might have already occupied the Baltic states and possibly even Poland, sparking a large-scale conflict, as per the British expert's analysis.

Nonetheless, Glees does not provide concrete facts to back his predictions.

Russia increases military potential in the Baltic region

This alarming speculation is not the only recent concern in the news. On Thursday, Lithuanian intelligence reported that Russia is preparing for a prolonged confrontation with NATO, focusing on the Baltic Sea region as a strategic point. Since 2023, notably after Finland acceded to NATO, Russia has significantly increased its presence in this area.

The Lithuanians have observed Russian military movements, including deploying warships in Lake Ladoga equipped with Kalibr cruise missiles and transferring five Tu-22M3 heavy bombers to the Baltic Sea region since 2023.

Source: GB News, Super Express, PAP
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