FoodEnhance your culinary experience: A unique recipe for authentic British 'fish and chips'

Enhance your culinary experience: A unique recipe for authentic British 'fish and chips'

Fish in breadcrumbs - crunchy effect guaranteed
Fish in breadcrumbs - crunchy effect guaranteed
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6:22 AM EST, February 27, 2024

Dieticians and doctors firmly believe that we should consume fish far more frequently than we currently do. As suggested by the National Institute of Public Health and the European Society of Cardiology, eating fish twice a week can offer numerous health benefits that our bodies will deeply appreciate. Even though the most advisable way to cook fish is by baking or steaming, sometimes the alluring call of battered fish is hard to resist.

There is an abundance of recipes for such a dish. For starters, the most crucial element is the choice of fish species. Familiar selections include cod, pollock, or hake (remember - anything except tilapia or basa!). The next consideration is the batter preparation. Fish is primarily fried simply in flour or a mixture of flour, baking soda, and seltzer water or beer - the necessary ingredients for classic "fish and chips." However, I aim to introduce you to an alternative recipe. Rest assured, you will have no regrets, for this one turns out to be some of the finest battered fish I've ever tasted!

Fish in crispy batter


  • 5 fillets of your favorite fish,
  • 1 cup of 3.2% milk,
  • 2 eggs,
  • 1 cup of wheat flour,
  • oil for frying,
  • salt,
  • lemon pepper,
  • dried rosemary.


  1. Pat the fillets dry with paper towels. Cut them into smaller portions, then season with salt and pepper.
  2. Crack the eggs into a bowl. Add milk and flour. Season with salt, lemon pepper, and dried rosemary. Blend the batter ingredients until achieving a creamy consistency.
  3. Dip the fillet portions into the prepared batter. Fry both sides evenly in hot canola oil. Finally, drain the excess oil on a paper towel. Enjoy your homemade British classic!
Fish in batter made of flour, milk, and spices
Fish in batter made of flour, milk, and spices© Canva | CharlieAJA
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